Eric Anderson

The commodore's welcome letter for the 2010-2011 season

On behalf of myself (Eric Anderson), Brian Langley, Henry Capotosto, Ed Atkeson, and the other officers of NEIYA, I would like to welcome you all back for the 2010-11 Iceboating season.
     I trust you are all emerging from the workshop pale and covered with sawdust and epoxy as wondrous and sleek new boats take shape in the sheds and barns and basements.
     I am looking forward to a great and safe season, with miles of black ice and plenty of wind. I would also like to publicly thank Steve Lamb for all his hard work the past 4 years as Vice Commodore and then Commodore of the NEIYA.

     The one constant in iceboating is the need to travel. Whether it is Thetford Mines in Quebec for that November ice, Sebego Lake in Maine for epic black ice, Burlington VT for midseason fun, or the many ponds of Southern New England, the ice beckons. So now is the time to change the oil in your car, by yourself a new pair of driving gloves and get ready to hit the road.

     Before you start driving, remember that it takes a lot of effort to find, check and report the ice we all enjoy. I would especially like to thank all the people that make it happen. First, Ice checkers make it all possible. Next there is the voice of the NEIYA, Jeff Soderholm who puts in countless hours updating the hotline and keeping us all on track. Henry Capotosto keeps us in the black, and Ed Atkeson who is the secretary and edits the NEIYA news letter Black Ice. To support these activities, and the Hotline we need your dues. If you're not up to date, please send a check to Henry.

     Before the season starts in earnest I hope you all take a moment to think about safety. A bit of common sense on all our parts goes along way towards making iceboating safe and enjoyable. In each publication of Black ice this season, we will cover some aspect of safety. If there is any subject that you think needs to be covered, please let us know.
     Last year there were 2 deaths of iceboaters in North America, one of which was in New England. Both were sailing alone in poor visibility and high wind. Let us all strive to make this a safer year.

     Think Ice
     Eric Anderson US 5193

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