Jeff Brown's YouTube channel!

February 17: If anyone needs proof of iceboat joy at Winnepesaukee, go see some of the fantastic movies that Jeff has produced.

For more great iceboating videos go to TheNEIYA main site.invdisible gif

Long pond jam Long Pond Jam by Jeff Brown

sunset on winnie Winnie after hours by Jeff Brown

2010 tuneup by Jeff Brown 2010 Tuneup by Jeff Brown's Iceratz Productions

Wequaquet by Ted Amaral Iceboards at Wequaquet by Ted Amaral

Winnepesaukee feb 2010 by Jeff Brown Winnepesaukee February 2010 by Jeff Brown

ted amaral's slideshow Ice Sailing New England by T. F. Amaral

Whizkid by Jeff Brown Whizkid by Jeff Brown






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