Doug Sharp's new trailer

"Brian Langley and I had a great time last season with our BDX14 pipe boats. We learned a lot. They sailed well and sitting up and covered up is the way to go.
     Brian managed to fold BDX14 #02 on Webster at 60 plus mph. BDX14 #01 sailed on and even did the hardway on Winnie, though unofficially. #01 was sold at the swapmeet and will sail on from NH. The off season found us back in the build mode.
    We heard about a Swedish design land/ice boat called the S300. Contacting European builders we found the size to be almost the same as our design.
     Next ice we hope to sail our newest efforts. The BDX-S300s, wood fusilage 16ft with springboard, 12ft plank, 20ft mast. We recycled lots from the pipe boats. T‌he sails we had were recut closer to the euro versioOur contact in Sweden sails a wing mast some of the time but likes to use a more common “D” shaped glass spar like ours. His speed claims are scary. Think I will let Brian test that.
     So now I had a 16 ft. boat and a 14 ft trailer, time to build a new one. I've gone thru this 5 or 6 times so here are a few cheap yankee thoughts/tricks.
     I started with a Shoreland frame found on Craigs list 16' x 4'. Materials were (2) 4 x 8 half inch sheets of cdx, (2) 1 x 10 x 12 #2 pine boards, and 2 bundles of 1 5/8 and 5/8 in. x 10' steel studs. Add 2 packs of pop rivets and you can make a shell that you can shrink wrap. A trailer for under $300!
     The ply was cut to the desired shape, laid on the frame and secured with all weather screws and strategic cleats straps etc. T‌he edges were covered with galvanized steel half inch drywall edge. 12' pine run fore and aft stiffens the deck fastened by 2 1/2 inch screws up from under. T‌he frame is the narrow steel “popped” together. Lid is the same with 1 x 4 pine to get shape. Hinge the lid and tape on the wrap. A hand held heat gun works best. Hope the pictures explain the parts I missed. – Doug Sharp

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dougs trailer
doug's trailer
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