Cathy Firmbach is new business manager at Sarns Hardware

annual meeting

Cathy Firmbach making stay adjusters at the legendary iceboat part manufacturer, Sarns Hardware. Cathy says this is Bill Sarns' original press brake.

Many of you know former Long Islander Cathy Firmbach. She was affiliated with the Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boat and Yacht Club, and would often travel with her uncle Rich Crucet. In Michigan she now sails with husband Paul Goodwin.

    Cathy said she's the new business manager, but judging from the picture she sent it seems like she does some shop work too. She will be overseeing the traditional high standards of Sarns products.

   "If you ever need anything, please contact me directly at the shop (586) 739-5428 or It's really nice to stay in touch with my boys back East. I do miss all of you."






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