A Fly in the West System!

Richard Saltonstall's BlackFly that is, in Epoxyworks, the publication of West System's Gougeon Brothers.


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Dicky Saltonstall of Rockport, Maine, sent these photos of his latest iceboat design called BlackFly. The BlackFly is an alternative for DN guys who still want to car top but also would like a bit more boat. All up this boat is about 60-70 lb (27-31 kg) heavier than a DN but with a much more powerful rig. The mast is 20' (6 m) and the plank is 16' (4.87 m). A springboard adds about 5' (1.5 m) to the fusilage.


"It is a front seat ride, which is a lot safer and allows the boat to be better balanced," says Saltonstall. The fusilage is the same length as a DN with a windshield and mirrors which can be folded out of the way. The design is a tortured plywood stitch and glue project. The wing mast is Core Cell foam and carbon. Saltonstall also says all he ever uses are West System epoxies. For more information about the BlackFly iceboat send an email to saltonstall.richard@gmail.com.




right of way diagram
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