Road to Mandalay performance at Nicole's Experimental Cabaret,
Tess's Lark Tavern Albany NY (second Mondays).
There is a piece below that refers to the performance, uses images from it.
It's a kind of macabre shuffleboard game.

Hiking the Blotter Kill Preserve
The Saratoga Lake Ice Report
The DN iceboat -- a few sticks, wires, cloth -- 60mph.

The proa project

Ed's Songbank -- fave songs for singing guitar players

Firlefanz Gallery, now overrun with puppets
Wild in the Woods

Preferred mode of travel.
Back when things were normal

Albany's Maos
Adirondack Guideboat
Performance conversion -- You're not their favorite teacher
Jarry Tableau
She calls
Woo Negerum, etc.
Script and some frames from the Mudfish Movie -- You know
First seen in Prop Magazine -- Fancy Footwear (this takes a sec to load)

The Road to Mandalay in the Output to Print show, May 98
Some paintings Check these out, show me yours.
The Princess and the Pea -- high backyard drama
Greg Haymes -- even higher backyard drama
The Snow Wife -- recent events.
Three pieces from Roberto Bocci

Paintings by Stardust Alexandria Atkeson
Some of Stardust's paintings from Australia

Hey what do you think of this here? -- Passion issue
Design influences Seeing yellow
It's a clean, well lighted Eye

Jim Sande's music and animations

Ze's page

Post a note to Ed
Berg Design

Ubu Enchainé