This piece was originally a photo
series published in Prop magazine,
a publication of Workspace Loft, Inc.,
an artists coop in Albany, NY.

It was also shown in slideshow form
at the Workspace gallery. When I started
making things in Hypercard, the
Fancy Footwear piece was a natural.
The piece was exhibited in that form
at the Froman Gallery at the Russell
Sage campus, Albany, NY at the
"Paint by Numbers: Homemade Digital
Art" show in November of 1995.

This webpiece is an approximation of
that Hypercard version. I've set it up
here as links to anchors (350 or so) in
one long document for instant button
pushing gratification but longish initial
loading. It works pretty nicely if you
give it time to get here.

My sweetheart Cathy Frank is the star
of this piece. I have a full-length photo
of Cathy perched on the five gallon bottles
around here somewhere. I'll link it to this
page someday. She looks so pretty in
that rather painful pose with her dress
tucked up into her panties.

As the Hypercard version opens, you
hear me humming the theme from
"A Man and a Woman" so use your

I hope this thing is loaded by now. Enjoy.

The "quit" button will send you back to Ed's page