2012 Tune-up Clinic will be held December 1st

The tune-up clinic (December 4, 2010, at the Lamb Co. shop in Canton MA) was good this year. The biggest we've had, Steve Lamb estimated 50 to 60 people.

Linda Lamb served up soup and hot dogs. Steve Duhamel, Brian Langley, and Doug Sharp demonstrated how to locate and fasten stud-plates onto a DN plank. Eric Anderson and Jeff Brown gave a safety presentation that started with a discussion of necessary safety gear and ended up with a talk on right-of-way made clearer with model iceboats on a table. Jeff Brown showed how to hone runners with files and stones, and Eric Anderson demonstrated runner sharpening with a belt-sander. There was also a lot of standing around and catching up while eating and drinking.

Thanks to Steve and Linda Lamb for putting on a fun iceboat party.

Jeff Brown summed up the safety presentation as follows:

Some safety issues covered:
1) Sail with a buddy system.
2) Always carry ICE AWLS for self rescue. Keep around your neck. Make certain the line connecting them is long enough for overhand operation.
3) Methods of rope toss & anchoring devices were covered in detail.
Ice climbing screws suggested for anchors.
4) Floatation devices covered, but points were understood that we build boats out of wood, which serves the same purpose when required.
Not many experienced iceboaters use life jackets for this reason.
5) Space blankets are suggested to keep on hand as well as a full change of clothes, both in vehicle. Suggestions to keep a "painters suit" made of Tyvek material, light & compact, that could be kept on-board and used as spare clothing if submerged far from shore on big lakes.
6) Excellent coverage of boat retrieval methods were described by many very experienced sailors. (Again this is too lengthy to describe)
7) All 'Right-of-Way' rules were covered in detail with models in motion for every possible circumstance.
Several rules are specific to course racing only (mark roundings), but many others are applicable to all of our sailing situations.
Most notably:
Starboard tack does NOT always have the ROW.
(Upwind vs. Downwind rule governs)
All FASTER yachts from rear must keep clear.
Do not Tack OR Jibe if collision is probable.
Hand Signal for course change if Obstruction is ahead.
Keep clear of stopped yachts.
8) Other safety directional sailing conflicts covered in detail, when NOT racing. Opposing, Head-to-Head reaching directions, each sailor shall "Turn to the right" to safely pass, when practical and possible.

See you on ice!
Sail Safe


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