You can see the boat trolley stashed behind the seat.
Put in at Coxsacki at 6 this morning onto a glassy surface. The tide was low and still going out. I went upriver between the 'Coxsacki Middle Ground' island and the western shore, then up into the little bay formed by the breakwater to Rattlesnake Island. It's a magical place. The water chestnuts are pretty dense but there is still an open channel. Best views of Great Blue Herons ever. Lots of them in a group -- legs, necks and wings all big and slo-mo, spectacular. Also saw eagles as usual.
A perfect day except I forgot my glasses with the rearview mirror. I won't do that again. I crossed the river between the islands and rowed to the old ice house chimney then back across to the landing. Not a strenuous outing.

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