Pickerelweed flowers on Papscanee Creek.
Put in at Bethlehem's Henry Hudson Park this morning. Like Coeyman's Landing, it's a comfortable place to put in. It has a ramp with floating docks so no matter where the tide is, you can just step into your boat. This would be the place to come if you were taking someone out who is a bit unsteady or new at this or averse to getting wet feet.
Across the river from the park is Papscanee Creek; excellent gunkholing. At one point a high speed passenger train went slamming by. There's quite a bit of noise from Rte 9J but some parts of the creek are really Wind-in-the-Willows territory. You expect to see Ratty and Mole chatting on the bank. The tide was going out so fast that I was afraid of getting stuck way up in there.
Then I went down to Castleton to see if they had a little river park of some kind. Nope, because of the railroad probably.

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