Rowing on the Hudsonemail Ed

In 1999 I acquired a broken Kevlar Adirondack Guideboat. Originally made at the Apple Boatshop or Apple Boatworks in Amsterdam NY, the hull shape was beautiful. I think the designer took the best part of the guideboat design, and de-emphasized the over-tall ends you sometimes find.
The hull was torn and creased and required thirteen patches to repair. I used West System epoxy and 6 oz fiberglass on the inside. The woodwork on the boat had completely rotted off, so I had to find out where the oarlocks and seats go, what they looked like, etc.
I went up to the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake for this purpose and met, quite by chance, renown guideboat builder Steve Kaulback. He was very helpful, told me how the boat was supposed to be laid out, where the oarlocks go, the seat positions, all off the top of his head. I also bought the Durrant book which has the pattern for the Grant oars, and much lore and helpful details about the boat.
Local boat people I've talked to remember the Apple boatworks boats, and I even met someone who owns one, but so far I've never seen one besides mine. Here's Cathy with the boat at Grafton Lakes State Park in Grafton NY.

Lily Meyer and friends in the boat near Burlington on Lake Champlain.