October 5: I went today to find Four Mile Point. "Four miles" from Hudson I guess, across the river from Stockport Creek. I noticed in William Wade's book of engravings of the Hudson that there was some activity there in 1846, and that made me curious. Here is Wade's engraving of Four Mile Point:

And I found this postcard of the lighthouse: There was a lighthouse there from 1821 to 1938 with not a trace of it left now.

October 7: Put in at Four Mile Point Preserve. It was blowing 15 to 20, very rough. On a quest for the real 4 mi. pt. I was looking for a pretty good hill, and a formation that could be considered a point on the river.

This is it. The USGS map has it right. I think that I can see some features in the rock that ID it without question.
A good thing to come out of this trip is the discovery of Scenic Hudson's 4 Mile Point Preserve. It's a very nice place to park and put a boat in -- easy access to the Stockport estuary from the western shore.
Spectacular eagle sightings today, at one point five mature eagles at once. They seemed to enjoy the challenge of the high winds. Six foot wing span, 20 mph winds, you can't take a reef, got to rely on subtle control of your powerful rig.
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