September 9: Put in at Coxsacki and rowed to the little put-in at Ferry Road directly across. They've put some concrete blackades there so that people can't launch motor boats, makes it pretty inconvenient for me too.
Directly across from Coxsacki, I guess this is where the ferry to Coxsacki tied up. I read somewhere that there's a trail to the ruins of the Scott Brothers ice harvesting company site (where it says "ruins" on the map). It's the best preserved of all the ice companies. You can see the engine house and the stack, and the foundations of the warehouses.
Nutten Hook (I think it's pronounced Newton Hook) is a little knob of bedrock jutting out of an otherwise flat shoreline.
It was a rainy day, and sure enough I got caught in a 30 minute downpour. Going by Coxsacki Island rowing hard to get back to the launch, I noticed a nice big shelter house on the island, so I pulled the boat in and waited it out.
The best wildlife sighting was the cormorant that exploded out of the water ten feet from my boat. The first time this happens to you it really scares you silly.
Where Ferry Road hits the river, must have been where the ferry tied up.
Here's the put-in with the concrete barriers.
The old Stuyvesant train station, the put-in, and the cafe.