June 22: Put in at Coeyman's Landing and went clear around Houghtaling Island with a GPS tracking my progress. My plan was to mark channels that go into the island from the west, and then go around the island and into channels on the east, then check the GPS map to see if the channel locations match up.
Well they sort of do, but there still seems to be a quarter mile or so separating them. And a mountain of dredging spoil too probably. So no easy passage.
I met John Lipscomb in the Riverkeeper boat and we chatted for a while. It's good to know that these people are on the job, advocating for the Hudson. Here's a link to the Riverkeeper site.
Twelve windy miles altogether, my hands hurt! What about this? You row twelve miles a couple of times a week and your hands are wrecked. Gloves? Grip tape?

Ducklings! It was a good day to see little duck families -- mama duck with a string of tiny ducklings trailing along behind.