"The Schodack Creek is subject to tidal fluctuation. Plan your trip accordingly. If your craft becomes stuck on the creek bottom due to receding tides, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EXIT THE CRAFT. Wait for incoming tide waters to dislodge and refloat the craft. Do not attempt to walk on tidal mudflats. You will be entrapped and tidal waters will rise and cause drowning. Carrying a cel phone is highly recommended. Call 911 in the event of an emergency."

Better bring a sandwich too.

Keith and I put in at the Kayak launch at the Schodack Islands State Park. It was a 600 ft. carry from the parking spaces, the first kiosk after the "Contact Station."
Short walk, nice put-in, you have to go down a stairs, they have a boatslide built, or you can go around on a path. The main problem with this put-in is that it's no good at low tide. Not to mention the charge for parking after Memorial Day.
I wanted to get down to the area where the Lower Schodack Island joins with Houghtaling Island but it was not to be. The tide was low and still going out.
We ran aground down by Little Schodack Island and decided to turn back while we still had water enough to navigate. We did not want to get entrapped by the deadly mudflats!
So, 3 miles, saw eagles, great blue herons, etc.
The interesting section where Lower Schodack Island and Houghtaling Island meet turns out to be hard to get to.