New Baltimore to Stuyvesant and back, 9 miles

June 19, 2008: I wanted to try the newly-noticed New Baltimore put-in, thought I would go from there down to Stuyvesant for a cup of coffee. Here's Cornell Park at New Baltimore.
There was a south wind with the tide going out so I went down with the tide figuring that I would at least have the wind behind me on the way back. The tide changed about half way back so I got to ride it both ways. The tide isn't really that big a deal, 1.2 mph or so.

This Pileated Woodpecker was so taken with ripping this log apart that he let me float right up to him.

An Island at the mouth of Mill Creek above Stuyvesant.

I saw two adult eagles, but many more Great Blue Herons.

A cormorant drying his wings.

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