Going up the Papscanee and Moordener Kill from Bethlehem

May 26, 2008: Mark Shipley had the idea to go to the Bethlehem put-in with Jake and I called Joel Bartfield since he regularly puts in there.
It was pretty windy and the tide was high so the four of us went across the river and into the shelter of Papscanee Creek. We had to limbo under some bridges, but the high tide meant that we could go pretty far up the creeks. Jake saw his first eagles and it was a very nice sighting -- first one adult was seen at the mouth of the Papscanee, it flew across the inlet to a nest, then the other adult was spotted.
Later this same week I read about an eagle attacking a kayaker on Riverkeeper John Lipscomb's photo blog. It happened at the same nest we saw! Scary, especially since Jake is only 12 years old. But the attack didn't really happen. I checked this out and it turns out John was JOKING. There was no eagle attack. He has added a "just kidding" humor-hint to the blog entry. Here is John Lipscomb's usually reliable blog -- scroll down to April 17.
The picture below is actually Moordener Kill, just south of Papscanee Creek. The water is crystal clear in these tributaries, you could see right to the bottom. Fish and a giant turtle were seen.

Mark and Jake on the dock at the Henry Hudson Park/Bethlehem Fishing Access just south of Albany. That's the guideboat on the left.

Joel Bartfield, Mark and Jake Shipley.

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