This is where I usually row on the Hudson. The five favorite put-ins are marked. Northernmost is Bethlehem, then Coeymans Landing, then Coxsacki. On the other side of the river is Stockport and Stuyvesant. There are others, 4-Mile Point across from Stockport, Ferry Road across from Coxsacki, Schodack Island State Park, and New Baltimore.

Bethlehem is a small town park, the Henry Hudson Park, it's the closest put-in to Albany, where I live. That's if you don't count the Corning Preserve which is right in Albany. I don't put in there because the Albany waterfront is too depressing.
Bethlehem is right across from the Papskanee creek and the Mordener Kill, so good gunkholing.
Rte 32/144, 8 miles south of Albany, left on Lyons Rd.

Coeymans Landing is a small town with a little park and marina by the river. It's a ramp with a floating dock, pretty comfortable to put in there.
From the north it's thruway exit 22, go 144 south to Coeymans.

Stuyvesant a favorite destination. The little town park is so far unimproved, the village is cute with a coffee shop looking onto the river (in view of your boat). The put-in is a simple gravel ramp.
9J south from Albany, turn right on Kinderhook St.

At Coxsacki the park has been improved, but entry is still free. They took the steps out by the ramp so launching is not as convenient as it once was. You need a long painter if you want to get your boat to the dock. There is also a gravel beach.
The remains of an ice harvesting site is across the river from the launch, and there are some islands to poke around. Go south to the Hudson River Islands State Park, accessible only by boat.
From Albany it's thruway exit 21-B.

Stockport is the most isolated, no village or coffee shops. You put in at a gravel incline and go under a railroad bridge. It's an interesting part of the river, Stockport Creek, islands, the Hudson River Islands State Park. It's 6 miles down to the Athens lighthouse.
The Stockport put-in may be unusable during low tides.
From Albany go south on Rt 9 about 30 miles. Turn right on Station Rd.

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