Saratoga Lake is located in eastern NY state, 30 miles above Albany. There are two places to put in. Fitch Road at the northeast corner of the lake, and the South Shore Marina in the south.
Take 87 exit 12 from 87 (not shown), go right at the end of the ramp onto Plaines & Dunning Road. Go five miles to the stop sign, you'll see the marina to your left. $6.00 a day to park and launch. 518-584-9125
Or go to exit 14 (not shown), go right, and follow 9p to Fitch Road, where there is a short path to the lake and a road to park along. Not good access but it's free.
The South Shore Marina is open! Mannings Cove is all posted, you'll get a ticket if you park there, so it's hard to get on this lake. If someone knows of a better place to park and launch, please let me know.

Saratoga Lake Ice Report